Food & Education Make a Good Combo

They say people come for the program, stay for the food and come back for the networking. We tried to help on multiple fronts at the Brazos Real Estate Investors Club monthly meeting at the Stafford in Downtown Bryan. We Catered dinner for 65 hungry investors and were the Program for the meeting! Two of our owners happen to be real estate investors and were invited to speak!

Our catering spread highlighted our slow roasted pulled pork Kolache, Italian inspired Ka-Zone, the original Czech Burger and savory rotisserie based chicken salad in a bread bowl. The goal was to provide food that people can easily serve themselves and network while eating. Rather than a box lunch, we were able to provide the same amount of food allowing for self selection.

There are pros and cons to consider for each. The box lunch is a a good way to control the amount of food each attendee gets, as the meal is packaged and delivered in a single container. The con is that people get food they may not have otherwise chosen, such as a cookie, side salad or bag of chips, had they self selected what they wanted. That food turns to waste if it goes uneaten, which otherwise could have been enjoyed by a guest.

Displaying the same amount of food on trays, not only allows guests to select what they want and pass on what they don't, it is a better set up if you are unsure of the exact number of guests. If done well, it can stretch the food further. The risk is that an overzealous attendee decides to try one of everything! To avoid this situation, it is best to have an attendee oversee the buffet line. This person can help explain the selection to guests, make recommendations, and suggest they start with one and come back for seconds once all guests have been through the line.

These are a few tips to think through when considering what will work best for your next networking event. Have other questions? Do not hesitate to ask. Comment below, or shoot us an email at

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